Kinds of Indians: Which one are you?

India is the second most populous country in the world. The nation with 1.25 billion people is bound to have a lot of differences. There are about six different kinds of Indians that exist amongst us.

‘Revolutionary Indians’ are those who always try to bring about a change in the system. These Indians always think of bringing a radical change in our society. They try to bring some kind of revolution. Most of the Indians do not fit into this category. These revolutionary Indians are endangered species these days. The revolutionary Indians are one in a thousand, in proportion to India’s population. They are the people who can bring about a change and they truly believe that their country can change for the good.

‘Chauvinist Indians’ are those who are extreme Patriots. They believe in all the good things about their country. (And the good things alone) They believe that their country is the greatest country in the world. You point out some flaw in the system to them and you will see a volatile reaction. You will be called ‘Anti-National’ or ‘Traitor.’ These Indians will never allow their country to be let down.

‘Opportunist Indians’ are those who take advantage of your weakness. They are indeed ‘geniuses’ in making hay while the sun shines. These people take advantage of your weakness. Most of them are our very own politicians. These people are always waiting at their foot to hit back at the government. Rising oil prices, scandals, scams and corruption are all ‘looked after’ by them. They protest for a while and then try to gain support from the people. They love power and go to any extremes to attain and retain it.

‘Who Cares? Indians’ are the one who has power. But, they still do not bother to help the poor. Such people are least bothered about their country. They do not believe in the idea of the nation at all. They are more concerned about their personal gains even at the expense of other people. These include corrupt bureaucrats, who think they run the system but actually do all they can to loot the country.

‘Blaming Indians’ are the ones who elect governments and later blame them for whatever they do. They blame the politicians for everything. They want the government to clean the garbage, but they won’t abstain from throwing the garbage on the roads. They are also the people who do not generally call it a day without blaming others. They blame the government for good, for bad and for the worst. The day when people start to identify their own mistakes more than anybody else’s, our country will change.

‘Blind Indians’ are those people who believe everything told by their leader is right. They are often lured by alcohol, money, and sugar-coated words. They blindly believe the words of their leaders since they cannot make their own decisions. They are often termed as ‘Bhakts.’ Some of them are conservatives. They don’t make their own decisions; instead, they rely on tradition and also superstition. Some of the intelligentsia are inclined towards ideology. Their ideas are formed by ideology and manifestos.

Picture Courtesy: Adventure Women