13 Reasons Why

Some things are beyond our control. One of which is the idea of living our own life itself. Emotions are such an important aspect of life. 13 Reasons Why. It is a story of a teenager named Hannah Baker, who commits suicide and then explains why she did it, through a series of tapes. A string of events involving 13 of Hannah’s classmates leads her to death by suicide. It is based on the New-York Times Bestselling Author, Jay Asher’s novel with the same name. It talks about bullying at school and that leading to a series of events that become nightmare for the viewer.

13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series addresses quite a lot of issues relating to Mental Health. And the need to talk a  bout it openly at home, in school, at workplace and etc. Most of the times talks about Mental Health is looked upon as a taboo. Today teens are flooded with information, socially more vulnerable, and techno-savvy. And for that world to get shattered by bullying or by getting smeared instantly on Facebook or Instagram is devastating.

With increase in the no of suicides in IITs, and many of the colleges, it is very evident that there is no scope for talks on mental health. One of the students from IIT- Kharagpur killed himself quite recently. Moreover, there were several suicides that were recorded this year. One of the youngsters from Mumbai, with Facebook live about how to commit suicide, jumped from 19th floor of a Hotel Room. It is really become a necessity to address the issue related to Mental Health.

In fact, Myself, having studied in Army School, considered killing oneself as a very cowardly act without having to realize what a person must have gone through. The TV series itself gave a new perspective of  why people attempt to kill themselves. While 13 Reasons Why does depict Hannah’s suicide, it also shows where she could have asked help for and where others could have voluntarily helped.

I would not recommend everyone to watch this TV-series. It requires a lot of parental guidance for the teenagers watching, as many of the might in fact, incite one to kill oneself, or feel pity about themselves. However, it does contain a very beautiful message and addresses a contemporary issue. Do support all those who needs your help and care.

Dear Parents, I recommend you to watch this series. Ask your child, if he/she is being bullied at school. Be friendly to them. Make sure that you have time for them and care about them. Suicide is never a solution.  It is irreversible regarding a temporary problem. Don’t be afraid of talking to your friends about how they feel and let them know that you care about them.